Re-Vision is the leading global provider of mobile self-scanning solutions, accounting for an overall market share approaching 50%, with a proven track record of delivering business value to the world’s top 5 food retailers.   Benefitting from over 10 years of experience and built around retail best practices, our My-Scan Omni-Channel platform is implemented in different supermarket and hypermarket environments in over 30 countries all over the world.

The reason why the world’s largest retail organizations keep investing in our mature solutions portfolio is because they see immediate benefits such as uplift in basket size, increase in store revenue, improved customer loyalty.   The Re-Vision solutions support the retailer’s omni-channel strategy by making the relationship with their shoppers more personal, more loyal and more connected. This is exactly what the retail world is looking for today – to link with their shoppers via all kinds of devices and bring the online shopping experience into the actual store.


Tesco launching self-scanning to 300+ stores in the UK

Tesco's Scan as You Shop

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May 8-9, 2017 - Stand 874

Re-Vision joins Zebra at RBTE

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FastLane Mobile Shopper

Strategic partnership with NCR

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Customer Quote

The decision to proceed with Re-Vision and Motorola (MC17T retail mobile computer) was made after considerable research into the solution. The value they bring to the project is in their expertise in personal shopping solution implementation and by a scalable, enterprise-class solution and experience in working with large retail organisations. These factors, coupled with strong cooperation made the project very straightforward and we are confident that our partnership will continue to be successful

Sally Marriott, retail development IT director, Tesco

Our Solutions

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On Smartphone & Zebra's MC18
Offers & Rewards
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Generic or personalised
Shopping Lists
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Connect with your customer outside the store
Pushed Promotions
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Inspire & Reach out to your customers
Product Informations
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Answer questions before they arise
Mobile Loyalty
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Make the relationship with your customers more personal
Mobile Payment
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On Smartphone or MC18 Handscanner
In-Store Navigation
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Guide your customers real-time
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Efficient in-store process management
Beacon Messaging
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Communicate based on customer's location
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