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Scan as you shop at Tesco
  • In Tesco stores, the self-scanning system was branded “Scan as you Shop”
  • Roll-out to 300+ outlets throughout the UK
  • Scaling to all of the Tesco Eastern European operations
  • Worldwide contract for My-Scan Solution for PSS
  • Advanced system for managing shrinkage developed together with Re-Vision
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ScanLib at Carrefour France, Belgium & Spain
  • 155 stores in 3 countries: Belgium France and Spain
  • Over 35.000 mobile devices
  • Industrial roll-out to 40 stores in 3 months
  • Self-scanning on smartphone
  • Self-checkout area Quickscan
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Passabene at Coop Switzerland
  • The first customer to launch self-scanning on smartphone
  • 80+ stores in Switzerland
  • Over 250.000 registered customers
  • Focus on extra service to customers
  • Business-case: increased customer loyalty
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Scan & Go at Globus Czech Republic, Germany & Russia
  • Main focus: the first-ever self-scanning solution in Czech Republic and in Russia
  • Business case: quick ROI based on high customer adoption (12% within 3 months)
  • 000 users within first 3 months
  • Winner of the “Innovation in Retail 2013” award in Czech Republic
  • Roll-out to hypermarkets in Russia and Germany
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Souq Planet, United Arab Emirates
  • The very first self-scanning implementation in the Middle East
  • Self-scanning as VIP service available on MC18 and smartphone
  • Identical communication experience in-store, online and on the smartphones
  • Running in English and Arabic
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Sam’s Self-Scan at Mydin, Malaysia
  • Pioneering Self-Scanning in Asia, very extensive media coverage
  • Premium-class supermarket
  • Main focus: extra service to highly affluent customers
  • Business-case: increased checkout throughput
  • Roll-out to Mydin Hypermarkets format
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Zelfscan at Emté, The Netherlands
  • Anonymous pickup – innovative approach resulting in high adoption
  • Business-case: driving usage up to 70% on peak days
  • First customer to combine self-scanning with electronic loyalty system
  • Shopping list, pushed promotions
  • Roll-out to all new supermarket formats
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“Einkaufshelfer” at Feneberg, Germany
  • The first German retailer to introduce self-scanning
  • Business-case: increased service driving customer loyalty
  • Extensive functionality: shopping list, pushed advertisements, extra product information
  • Promotions, special offers and videos on scanner screen
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Zelfscan at Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
  • Main focus: self-service for customers in the stores
  • Business-case: increased checkout throughput
  • Combination of self-payment and cashier for self-scanning
  • 42 stores live across the Netherlands
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Scan Direkt at Dirk van den Broek, The Netherlands
  • Business case: significant increase in checkout speed
  • The very first RE-Vision customer
  • Re-Vision to become the big market player – making the move from Project to Product
  • Roll-out to 2 store formats: Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt